Hiatus; hi again

June 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

After a hiatus (from life, basically), I am back in the “real world”. In other words, my degree is over, graduation is in a week’s time, and I am being disgustingly lazy for the first time in an age. The other day I stayed in my pyjamas until 5pm when I had to walk the dog. Blissful, easy, breezy happiness. And the sun’s been out too – thanks, Glasgow!
I’ve been off on my travels, first to Rhodes and then to Amsterdam. The first was a week in the sun, filled with wine, cocktails, dancing, and not much else. Oh, and apparently I drink water like it’s air. Who knew?! We visited the site of the Colossus of Rhodes and sauntered around the Old Town which was beautiful, the perfect place for an evening ramble. One night we went out in Rhodes and found ourselves in a club that was a bit like being in a rock concert, complete with a mirrored stage, a woman playing an electric violin and some stage-crashing a bit later on. The drinks were horrible, too; worse than nail-varnish remover diluted with water and grenadine. I also managed to squeeze in a bit of pool-side reading, finally finding the time to read Alison Moore’s Man Booker Prize shortlisted novel, ‘The Lighthouse’. I’m going to write a review of it later this week because I think it is worthy of one. Whilst reading, my mind kept wandering, as I thought of all the ways in which it could be interpreted and analysed. The recurring Venus Fly Trap, the perfume, the named chapters, fathers and mothers, that lingering, haunting ending. Even the name of one of the protagonists, Futh. It sounds like the noise made when a dead moth’s wing breaks up into dust between your fingertips. Fusty, moth-like. Futh.
Amsterdam was all about the walking. We walked endlessly. I could live in Amsterdam. I love the busy buzz, yet there is an ease to life there that I enjoy. I like the coffee and the cake, and the canals; the museums, the cycling, the attitude. Although, my prudish side is a little dismayed by the whole Red Light District area. Plus, I almost knocked a cyclist over (or, perhaps he almost knocked me over) and he looked at me with such hatred, such loathing and disgust, then uttered a stage-whispered ‘Jesus!’, only the ‘j’ was soft and the ‘u’ lengthened, so it sounded like ‘Hesoos!’ Actually, I have a lot to say about Amsterdam and the museums that we visited. I’d been before with my mum, so whilst my friends went off to the Van Gogh Museum, I took myself to the Stedelijk Museum, the Modern Art Gallery. That visit alone is worthy of one post.
So – that’s me for now. Full of lots more to write! Until next time.


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