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Happy Christmas! I am currently in Dublin which has been a lovely change from Scotland; although, it has resulted in the consumption of far too much food. I would not blame Ryanair if they told me I was over the baggage limit – definitely carrying a wee excess since my arrival.

It is not only a time to stuff ourselves silly, open presents enraptured (whether you have a sack-full or one wee thing under the tree) and generally be thankful for our lovely friends and family. It also brings about the idea of a new year looming; a fresh start starts soon. Every year I think of my new year’s resolutions; every year they are pretty much exactly the same thing: get a boyfriend; lose weight; be successful. I think last year I was a little less specific and told myself to seek happiness (clearly I was in a sentimental mood). I think I have achieved two out of three of these resolutions, in some roundabout way or other, whether deliberately or accidentally (apparently dissertations are great for weight loss so small that I couldn’t really notice). We’ll ignore the boyfriend thing…

Anyway, forget this year – being of a rather pensive and internal temperament, thinking of the future is quite important. One of the biggest (or smallest – I’m not sure) changes I can make is to stop reading the Daily Mail TV & Showbiz. I haven’t migrated to their news section (yet) but reading their TV & Showbiz section is not healthy. Usually I read the title, skip the story due to its being poorly written and head straight to the comments which are always funny and often reflect my own views e.g. “Leave the poor woman alone/this is invasive/no one cares”. These are my exact thoughts; yet I find myself on their website, almost daily. Its effect isn’t instantly felt; but I often wonder how nourishing these scathing dissections of ‘celebrities’ lives and bodies can be for my own life and body. Truly – who does care? In short, if I stop reading the Daily shite on that website, then perhaps it will free up some more time to focus on myself and my own… development, basically. All of that time spent on vapid, vacuous websites could (and will) be spent reading James Joyce. So, that is resolution #1.

The second resolution is to buy a bike. Basically, this will be an attempt to become a bit fitter. I have (sort of) conquered yoga: I enjoy it; and I can remember some of the exercises. But cycling will be a nice thing that I can do to and from the library. Plus, Fife has some beautiful areas, especially that surrounding St Andrews, so I should make the most of it and go off on day-cycles.

Write more. Be more creative through writing. I’m taking a Creative Writing module for my final term in St Andrews, so perhaps this will provide ample opportunity for my creative er, juices to start flowing! And who knows, maybe I’ll post them up on here – what a treat! In fact, this resolution should include posting on my blog far more frequently than I do at the moment…

Learn more French. I want to be fluent which is a challenge – quite a big one, actually; my memory seems to be appalling. Seriously, I cannot retain any interesting fact and go blank when asked a question that, really, I should (and do!) know. That is evidently a sign that my memory is not being worked enough. Ooh, perhaps my final resolution should be to take up Sudoku or something similar. CROSSWORDS! Yes!

In brief, my resolutions are as follows:

1) Stop reading the Daily Mail TV & Showbiz

2) Buy a bike

3) Write more: creative writing; on here; poetry, prose, articles, everything and anything.

4) Learn French (ambitious hope is fluency; realistically, buy CDs and a book – and use them!)

5) Start doing crosswords or Sudoku.

Of course, another resolution shall be to read as much as possible; but, really, that shouldn’t need a bullet-point. Happy New Year! x


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