Be better

May 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Whenever I have too much wine, I always wake up with feelings of guilt and regret. I inevitably exaggerate my feelings and say something uncharacteristic and generally become self-centred. 

Whilst I always strive to think of others, and do constantly think of others, I can find myself thinking of others through thinking of myself: “How did I make that person feel?”; “What does that person think of me?”. Perhaps this is better than not caring about other people’s feelings in relation to myself; however, it is possible that these thoughts in fact perpetuate a selfish mindset. Or, at least, one which does not always seek to see others as themselves, not through yourself. Perhaps I am being harsh on myself; my friends always ‘forgive’ me, and in fact ask what there is to even forgive. Yet, I know that my behaviour could improve. I know that I should tell them how much I value their friendship, how much I value them as people. In fact, I do often tell them. But, it needs to be done more.

And so, I am pledging to drink less. To think more. To say more. To consider others more. To be a better person.


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