Flower Fairies

March 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

So I drove on an A road yesterday on the way down to Leeds. It was daunting, if a bit exhilarating. Not having driven since I passed my test a year ago meant it came as quite a surprise to actually remember how it all worked. My gear control needs some work – it was jerky. 

We’re having a belated celebration for my 21st birthday (which was in January, no less) in Leeds. It’s always nice to come here, to see family, catch up and not have to fret about anything much. My aunt, uncle and cousin got me an original print of the Sweet-Pea Flower Fairies (below). I was obsessed with fairies as a youngun, and so it was the perfect gift for me to treasure for ever. For Halloween, I went as a Flower Fairy to a party. No one knew what I was. To me, a floral dress, some glitter on the cheeks and a pair of wings translates as nothing other than ‘Flower Fairy’. Not sure what kind of a deprived childhood these people had, never having heard of them. Poor souls. Imagine being a fairy – undoubtedly one of the best physical states to be in. Add to that the fact that you smell great everyday, since you in fact inhabit the guise of a flower. Life would be sweet (pea) … (ha ha)Image


Jumbled, jigsaw’d

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I’m back home in Glasgow, in the midst of a Scottish heatwave. It’s a very minor heatwave, granted; although, the other day it did hit 18c. Anyway, it is definite garden-weather, perfect for returning home from uni. I am slowly becoming a whole person again, after the severe sleep deprivation, alcohol-intake, COFFEE DRINKING (must become more accustomed to coffee), generic-worry-and-stress etc.

Right now, my mind is a jumble or possibly a jigsaw – a bit more coherent than scrambled egg. What I mean to say is, I still find the whole blog thing amusing and self-indulgent. Is it bad to write about oneself all the time? Or even merely to write about what one thinks of certain things, like literature? Perhaps even these thoughts are self-indulgent in themselves and I am just going round and round in self-concerned circles perpetually and pointlessly. Isn’t blog a funny word? I looked up the word’s etymology and apparently it stems from the term ‘weblog’ as in ‘web’ + ‘log’. ‘Joe Bloggs’ was also used as a slang term for any hypothetical person (it was ‘Joe Blow’ in American slang – odd – I can’t imagine saying “hello everyone, I have a blow…here is my new blow post for you” – blog is better).  ‘Blog’ also meant to defeat as a verb in schoolboy slang. Perhaps in my blogging pursuits, I am currently defeating all others in my literary endeavours (although, where is the literature here? I am getting sidetracked – see, it’s my jumbled, jigsaw’d mind!) whilst web-logging and acting out the role of any old hypothetical Joe Bloggs/Blow individual.

To sum up, as a ‘blogger’, I exist hypothetically, generically; I log things on the ‘world wide web’; and I defeat all other evil schoolboys in doing so. Apart from the first bit, I don’t mind the rest at all.

On a side note, I watched Howards End last night. I think the combination of Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins will forever be successful. The novel is now on my (never-ending) ‘to read’ list. I’m intrigued by the characters’ motivations, mainly because I was left unsure of any of them.

I’m having a haircut tomorrow, and driving for the first time in a year. God help me.


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Usually when I drink coffee I shake. Even Costa lattes have an adverse effect on me. It’s a bit like red wine: an acquired taste that only really becomes palatable the more you have. I don’t really see the logic in this, since drinking something that you dislike just so you can enjoy it does not make much sense. However, the past few weeks have seen a rise in the need for coffee. I had a(nother) filling over inter-semester which came as a bit of a shock because my sugar intake has never been particularly high. It must be my teeth – brill. Whilst coffee isn’t the best alternative to sugary drinks, cutting down on those sneaky cans of Relentless to sustain an intensive library session will probably leave my teeth feeling a bit relieved. Plus an increase in the use of mouth-wash. It’s a bit addictive. 

Mochas are the best. Unfortunately, they have sugar and cocoa powder in, which defeats my purpose of drinking coffee. And, yes, it does make me seem a bit more mature. Drinking coffee, sipping red wine, being all adult and stuff. Then shaking from too much caffeine and falling over from too much red wine. Classy. As my mum kindly informed me after the Royal Wedding (following my awkward thumbs up on television), I will never be a Pippa Middleton. 


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Living in St Andrews means I constantly have my head up to the sky. The air is so clear here that the sky looks like a navy velvet blanket draped over the town with huge twinkling stars dotted throughout. I saw my first ever shooting star here last year, walking up to the theatre. It’s not just the stars. The moon is another breathtaking feature: low, round, glowing with a vividness that drenches everything in its path in an ethereal light like a giant with a strong torch. The sunsets are just ridiculous, as well. Never before have I seen so many ‘shepherd’s delights’.

When I leave here, the sky will be greatly missed.

Apparently I blog now?

March 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello… so yes, this is my blog, where I will try my hardest to upload little ramblings and random writings that I attempt.

I would quite like to have an outlet that isn’t as self-indulgent as Facebook. Or, at least, somewhere that doesn’t feature photos of my ‘hilarious’ drunk face. This is probably the best place for that.

I’m not very sure what will become of this; but let’s see. x

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